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E&M Group was created with the objective of giving energy and commodity trading companies a one-stop destination for all of their consultancy needs. We are working on creating an infrastructure that is extremely flexible and highly versatile; built to meet the needs of all types of modern businesses. We support companies active in Energy & Commodities sector-related businesses with strategy, business development, market intelligence initiatives, leveraging our industry research and advisory practice to sustainably deliver critical insights, run analyses and build business models and collateral in a cost-efficient manner and introduce operational efficiencies across business processes. We achieve this through our bespoke end-to-end support and dedicated working models.

Areas of our Research Expertise

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Middle Distillates

Crude oil

Gas (Natural Gas & LNG)

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Benefits Of Working With Us

We are dynamic, responsible, financially sound and growing rapidly

Experienced Team

We are a growing group of experienced and well-trained individuals, dedicated to delivering quality services for all verticals.

Reliable Operations

We employ quality contol protocols across our value chain. We work closely with you to structure ourselves to your needs.

On-Time Services

We understand that time is money and work to ensure that all of our services are delivered within timelines for all our services.

We are trusted by the best.

We Partner With You

We partner with you to help you increase your asset portfolio. We have the ability to effectively and efficiently address our customers’ concerns and resolve them through measures that ensure 100% feasibility and long-term stability.

We Guide You

We are always ready and happy to help you identify the possible solutions for your business development challenges. We help you understand the demands of evolving markets and address them through actionable intelligence.


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